GOODBYE  Loyalty Reward Card…HELLO Paint & Create Painter's Perks!!! We appreciate you. We really do. We appreciate you so much that we want to thank you (over and over again) for being a loyal customer.

Our loyalty program is simple and it's FREE to join! For every dollar you spend at Paint & Create you'll get one point, once you reach 100 points, you will receive a FREE $10 promo code to use! It's that simple. No gimmicks, no fees to join, just a good old fashioned freebie. Who doesn't love free?
Enter your email address at check-out and our system will track the money you have spent to-date* Once you've earned 100 points you'll receive a special promo code that you can use when you are ready to redeem your earned reward.
That’s not all ~ The Painters Perk's keep getting better!!! Are you a saver? Save up to 250 points for a FREE night at Paint & Create! 

100 points ($10 off)

150 points ($15 off)

250 points (Free paint night - $37 value)

*Previous dollars spent will be counted towards the loyalty program from January 2016 to current.

Please note:
Painter's Perks are earned at the rate of one point per dollar spent. The email that is used to register is the email that will receive the loyalty points).
Painter's Perks can not be transferred between our studio locations.