1/16 @La Ristra, 6:30 pm
1/16 @La Ristra, 6:30 pm


06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

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Francesca Bessett

La Ristra



Francesca Bessett

Painting with Canvas is the brainchild of the vivacious, talented, gregarious Francesca Bessett. From childhood, Francesca has been drawn to all things artistic. Painting developed as one of her favorite creative outlets. She loves creating portraits as well as original art pieces. Francesca realized this delightful marriage of creativity and socializing lends itself to a great way to get people together-paint, socialize, and meet new people; all over a glass of wine, of course!


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La Ristra
638 East Warner Road
Gilbert, Arizona, 85296


1/16 @La Ristra, 6:30 pm
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